Wednesday, November 23, 2011


hi guys..assalamualaikum :)

today was third day i start my class in sem 2 and also the third day i've attend to my BEL 260 class..
we're no start study yet..just playing some game..we played poison box yesterday..oh my,serious i feel like dying that time...i hate that game so much =.=

but today we've another task to do...we're told to bring one lyric of malay song that we like...
so i decide to bring my favorite song..from dadali : disaat aku mencintai mu....
then we should choose any 10 word s in the song..and use the 10 words to make 10 sentences of poem...

after a few minutes...
 my friend and i have done created the poem..
we didnt have the title for the poem yet...
but my lecturer said;
'if you give this to guy, for sure they will crying'..

here i show my group poem....

so rare to find a lover like you,
your presence beautify my day,
my life was all wonderful
you sway me all the way
sorry i can't be with you anymore
i could ever wish for a thing
to cure your bleeding heart, would it be
feelings can't be force
to accept your back is forbidden to my soul
thanks for loving me.....

that's all for today..
assalamualaikum :)

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